Welcome to PVHTC

As president Don Fleming is a registered professional engineer in both Alberta and Ontario. He is also a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Heat transfer Research Institute (HTRI), and a former member of HTFS North American Shell and Tube Committee. He’s been the senior heat transfer engineer for Bantrel Group of Engineers LTD, SNC/Foster Wheeler Inc, Delta Projects Ltd, the senior mechanical engineer for Monenco Engineers & Constructors Inc, and a heat transfer engineer for MHG (Monenco/Humphy/Glascow) International Ldt.

PVHTC has worked on more projects with high-pressure breechlock heat exchangers than anyone else in Canada, and has been responsible for the majority of the shell and tube exchangers design in Western Canada refineries and upgraders.

With designs such like a no-baffle (grid support) which has been working successfully for the last fifteen years for a vacuum operating condenser in a major chemical plant, and a design for a heavy oil heat exchanger that has worked for the last ten years without fail, it’s no surprise to find Don Fleming with an award for innovative design from Shell Canada. Yet, with a design like an all welded pipe that costs a tenth of conventional double pipe or hairpin, our innovation works with you in mind.

As the only freelance senior thermal designer in Canada, and over thirty-five years of experience, our dependability and expertise is at the very top of the field. We will find the right engineered solution where others cannot.